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Useful Local SEO Elements to Integrate into your Small Business Marketing

It goes without saying that not all businesses can be perfectly online (such as those selling digital products like eBooks, apps, software and games, among others). As such, Local SEO is the core of any brick-and-mortar business that is also online. When dealing with local SEO, you are encountering a number of challenges that must be dealt with.

Ignore it, and your business might suffer. If your business is offsite, you can still enable customers to locate you using their mobile phones or through local searches.

The following are some elements you can integrate in your local SEO strategy.

Make Use of Mobile-Enabled Search Ads

This is becoming very useful to business owners. The possibilities brought about by location-based mobile services are immense. This emerging mobile ad paradigm is being utilized by local business owners to advertise their business. A report by BI intelligence published recently showed how local data can be used to connect many small and medium businesses through mobile technology.

Such data is used to display business results through mobile banner ads. There is a correlation between distance and where the customer is. Customers are likely to click on your mobile ad if your business is located within two miles.

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Therefore, it is important to use location enabled ads in your mobile banners/ads. Optimizing for local mobile search is critical local seo strategy. Google says that 97 {b654f0fafabac2f409cd2b2ad111a2b9f4a6dd029e700bcbec3ca1c63d057752} of customers do online search for business offers and deals.


Integrate Social Media and PR into your Local SEO strategy

This is very critical. I read an article by Trond Lyngbø on local SEO strategy and social media which turned out to be eye opening. He says that if you are not making use of social media in your local SEO strategy, then you might as well be doing nothing. Waving social media into PR and Local SEO strategy can be transformational.

This is meant to build traffic into your business as a result of people being able to locate you through social media. In the end, it is about trust. There is no greater medium to build fans than through social media. There are billions of active users of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest, among others.

Social media essentially creates long lasting synergies, drives lots of offline sales, and increases your local SEO impact. On that note you’ve got to ensure that your potential customers are being engaged with useful information. Think of the many times you got introduced to a given offer on the social media and you’ll understand the impact it can bring to businesses.

Make Use of Local Citations


The more your business name and address is found on sites that are related to your niche, as well as directories like Yellow Pages, MapQuest and City Search, the higher you’ll be ranked penguin algorithm shows that quality local citations have a great impact on your local search rankings. Citations also play a role in authentication of your business. List your business in as many local business directories as possible.


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