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Simple ways to Earn Money Blogging ?

If you have a blog, don’t just sit there and write occasional post;   there are a number of ways to make money out of your blog. It is however important to understand that in order to earn money blogging a lot of dedication and effort is required. Don’t be in a rush to make millions overnight; earning money out of your blog will take time, because there are several things that you should do before you can start making decent money from blogging.

The first step would be to identify all the possible ways that you can make money from your blog. This includes:

Running Ads on your blogAdvertising the products offered by other businesses through convincing write-upsSelling products off your blog

The next step would be to draw in visitors to your blog, and this can be achieved by blogging about interesting topics. Find a niche topic that would interest web users. Blogging about something that you are passionate about really helps, because it means that you will have no trouble coming up with interesting and regular posts. It is also important to structure your blog to include search engine rich keywords, which will help your blog get ranked on search engine and this helps web users to locate your blog easily.

Once you have the desired visitor traffic, you can earn money off your blog through the paid ads your run on your blog. Advertisers are always interested in running their ads on blogs with high visitor traffic, and they will pay you for every ad view obtained from your blog. Some of the advertising programs you could try out include Google’s AdSense, Bidvertiser, AdBrite and AdGenta.

Using affiliate programs can also turn out to be a money making venture for your blog. This works in a similar way like advertising; you would run a text ad or banner to on your site. Alternatively affiliate links can also be included in your blog posts and you get paid when someone clicks on the affiliate link. However, most of the times purchases have to be made before you can get paid. This is therefore a difficult way to make money off your blog, but the reward is usually greater. This is because you might end up getting 10{b654f0fafabac2f409cd2b2ad111a2b9f4a6dd029e700bcbec3ca1c63d057752} or more for every sale made. The best way to get started with affiliate marketing is to check out all your favourite retailers and brand’s websites, to find out if they have any programs that you can benefit from. Affiliate programs can also be sourced through LinkShare, Commision Junction and ClickBank.

There are some companies that pay people to write about their products, and this is another possible way to make money from blogging.

It is however not that easy to earn money blogging. Most companies will require a certain number of site visitors or posts before they can spend their money on you. Like they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’ and of you keep at it you will eventually reap the fruits of your labour.

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