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We are a premium guest blogging services and guest posting services firm. Our Expertise lies in delivering premium guest blogging and posting services

Why choose our guest posting services?

Trafficked REAL guest post sites that are owned by REAL people & NO networks. PERIOD.

We value our craft and as such vet and check each guest blog and guest post site to ensure they are well taken care of by real people that love their own sites. Webmasters who thrive and feel only the very best content that fits into their sites scope deserves a place with them. We do NOT deal with any networks or lower quality sites. Only the best sites get our attention and the attention of our copywriters

True Outreach

We do true guest post outreach and connect with webmasters. We daily email, telephone and correspond with numerous webmasters to ensure we get the ability to guest post with our services on their sites with nothing but the best of what writing has to offer. We never pay or bribe any webmaster and ensure only true ethical outreach is done which ensures your site will remain at the top of the SERPS longterm.

Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow

We select sites with only the best Trust and Authority Signals. In order to do this we use the Moz Domain Authority Algorithm as well as Majestic Trust flow to ensure each guest blog done as a service to you has the highest power to push you up the serps.

High Quality Copywriting

Premium sites only accept premium content. Thus you are always ensured of the very best writing has to offer as we only deal with the best sites around. Our copy is flawless and made to engage. We do not write for search engines but to entertain and amuse the readers of the sites were we are allowed to guest post. We write to drive you traffic and not just links and ensure people find our content valuable and willingly link to it, which will increase the value of our work more and more over time.

Quality Control

For every editor there is a chief guest post editor, for every outreach manager there is a guest blog supervisor and someone who checks that supervisor. We strive only for quality and perfection and will go the extra mile to make sure every single one of our clients is happy and that certainly includes after sales support even moths after date of the order we will be happy to assist and resolve any issues you may have whether that may be your site has moved or the acceptance of your compliments and new orders!

SuperStar Support + Dedicated Account Manager - Night or Day

We are available on support any day of the week, be it day or night. Emails will always be answered, skype messages responded to and calls are followed up promptly. We are there to be the extension of your company on the web and your hired hand that ensures you thrive online. Our expertise is yours when you hire us any time you need it although we will actively pursue and ensure all your needs are taken care of even before you have the chance to ask us, just because we know your time & business is precious! You will always have access to your own account manager so you are ensured that you always speak to the same person who knows everything about your project unlike bigger firms were you talk to a different person everytime.

Our guest posting services and blogging services are next to none, period.

When you do guest posting services with passion and crafty copy-writing, you get magic! Read on to see the reasons that make guest posts and seo services provided by IGuestBlog, so powerful.

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Meet Our Guest blogging services Team

We put our people first, and here’s the team that weaves magic in our studio
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Sara Rochester


Sara loves the magic of the word and is a crafty guest post and guest blog copywriter who settles for nothing but lasciviously sexy copy that drives traffic and entices major sites to allow her to guest post and helm our blogging service like no other can.


Aaron Flin


A Sales and Support specialist with a keen sense of guest posting efficiently on major sites, Aaron brought with him his own stash of clientele upon joining us. He is now dedicating his expertise to making the team an awesome one.


Danica Hartigan


Danica hails from the South-West and has always been told she has a flair for copywriting, having written for major magazines. Bestowing our team with her thrilling outreach background, we are most happy to have her as one of us.


Mandy Raines


With a background in Public Relations, we found that she was able to convince even the most premium sites to cooperate with our clients mostly through her delightful yet persistent character.

What We’ve Accomplished with our guest posting services?






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Our Pricing

  • Superstar Support
  • Trafficked sites
  • One time payment
  • REAL sites ONLY
  • NO networks
  • 6-8 weeks TAT
  • Magazine Quality
  • *DA (moz) / DR (ahrefs)

Guest Posts DA>20

$69 / 6-8 weeks
  • moz-20 / ahrefs -15

Guest Posts DA>40

$139 / 6-8 weeks
  • moz-40 / ahrefs-30

Guest Posts DA>60

$349 / 6-8 weeks
  • moz-60 / ahrefs-40

Guest Posts DA>70+

$399+ / 6-8 weeks
  • moz-70 / ahrefs-50

Why Choose Guest Blogging via iGuestblog?
#1 Reason to choose us: WE DO ACTUAL GENUINE OUTREACH, that means REAL SITES, REAL TRAFFIC, REAL RANKINGS! NO shitty networks or other crap or cutting corners, we are the real deal! TRUE BLUE OUTREACH!
Natural – We assist you to attain high quality links through natural outreach
Higher Serps – Higher search engine rankings will gain you more leads and thus money as ROI
More Traffic – More traffic through referrals from high quality guest posts means higher brand awareness and leads
Social media  – Become an industry leader and have a loyal following that shares and loves your brand and the content we create for you
Everyone wins – You get a premium link and traffic+ higher SERPS, the blogger we outreached to gets a more traffic and premium content and readers benefit by reading top of the line exciting stuff that will make them keep coming back for more
Samples? We generally do not give out samples unless we have been given explicit permission by our clients. We also do this to protect our sources and the bloggers we have made relations with. Samples may be given out on a case by case basis and will only be sent to your company email after verification that you own said email ( no free mail services such as yahoo/gmail etc )
What About Our process?
We reach out to a large list of webmasters for you and obtain their permission via telephone/email/skype to write for their sites.
The webmasters assign us topics
We write
We send you a report with the url once the webmaster has approved said content via our project management system which updates you automatically via email.
Custom requirements?
Need Related content/reviews? We normally do not do related content/sites unless you pay a premium because this requires a lot more effort and resources, usually 30-50% added to the total order amount, the exact  depends on the difficulty of niche/topic.
Need only only .AU or .NZ or other countries?

This is possible  but because this requires custom outreach and extra effort we will add a surcharge of 30-50% on top of the total order amount.
What about discounts/agency pricing? Yes, for orders above 20/50 posts discounts may be given but only if ordered at the same time, please contact us for more details via live chat or email or the contact form below.
Your Guarantees?
We have a 100% moneyback guarantee for any guest posts not delivered within a reasonable amount of time after the official TAT
How do I contact Iguestblog?
Skype: iguestblog
Live Chat: See right bottom corner of all pages
Email: support.n.sales@localhost or use the contact form below NOT AVAILABLE ATM
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